Our Story

Growing up and working in an local electrical business Tim developed a particularly fascination with solar and renewable energy from a young age. This planted a seed which grew and in 2013 Tim founded Ygrene Energy with the vision of providing the same honest and reliable service to the solar industry that family electrical business had been providing to their customers for many years.

Tim focused on providing the best service possible and found a particular niche in off-grid power systems were he found significant room for improvement on the traditional installations that were being installed while at the time as well as providing commercial and residential solar systems in the area.

Today Ygrene Energy is a thriving business completing a wide array of solar projects and work scopes. Throughout the evolution of the company one thing has remained the constant - the passion and commitment that each team member has to provide the same honest and reliable service that was instilled into our company culture many years ago.

Our Team

Tim Davaris - Founder and business development

Abel Davaris - General Manager and Sales

Ronnie Hati - Electrical Engineer

Noah Davaris - Project Manager

Harley Garside - Trade Assistant

Lyn Davaris -Office manager

Tara Davaris - Accounting

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