Battery Storage – Certified TESLA POWERWALL Installers

Snowy Vet, Cooma
12.48kW solar/ battery storage system

We are proud to have installed the first 4 Tesla Powerwall installation in Australia.
esigned to cover up to 95% of the Snowy Vets power requirements, this system provides backup power to essential equipment in the event of a power outage including solar charging while in backup mode. The monitoring system provides real time data for energy production, consumption and storage levels.

100kWp & 60kWp systems Canberra Southern Cross Club

Ygrene Energy has recently completed a 100kW solar system at Woden and a 60kW solar system at Jamison for the Canberra Southern Cross Club. The 100kW system is comprised of 400 x 250W solar modules, 5 x 20kW SMA inverters and a state-of-the-art grid protection and monitoring system. These systems will provide ongoing electricity savings and emissions reductions to the Club

100kWP Martins Fertilizers

The 100kW photovoltaic system at Martins Fertilizers in Yass NSW was designed around the clients load profile following an extensive analysis of their electricity consumption. Due to the almost entire daytime operation of the business the system is on track to provide 75% of their total electricity requirements. Using 400 x 250-watt solar modules and 7 x 15kW inverters the system is a fantastic example of solar working for business.

70kWp Bird Munchies

Located in Queanbeyan, NSW this system provides power to a large manufacturing company. With the increase of electricity costs not only does this system provide the greater part of Bird Munchies electricity requirement but it also enables a reduction of the use of natural gas powered equipment.

100kWP Yass Valley Aged Care

This system is comprised of 400 x 250-watt Yingli panels and is located on the rural town of Yass. The remote monitoring system coupled with the irradiance, temperature and wind sensors not only provides valuable data but also helps to provide the highest performance availability possible through constant monitoring of the system. The install took less than a month to complete and CEO Christine Graffiti is extremely impressed.

100kWP Yass Soldiers Club

Ygrene Energy also completed a 100KW system in Yass NSW at the Soldiers Club. Comprised of 432 x 250-watt solar panels it produced an outstanding 862 kW hours of power in a single day during December and January. The General Manager of the club is very happy with the system, as he told Yass Tribune Newspaper that he had received a number of positive comments, including feedback from an external consultant who said the system was one of the best he had ever seen.