Services we provide

Residential Solar Installations

From our experience in commercial solar industry we are able to provide the highest quality installations for your home. One of the biggest challenges in residential solar is the need to utilizing power during the day to utilize the solar power. We work hard to design a system for you that best suit your individual requirements

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Battery Storage

Our systems provide a cost effective alternative to Grid Power for many locations where it is expensive to connect to the grid or for people looking for a more reliable self-sufficient power solution. These systems can provide those with even large power requirements by utilizing AC Coupling Technology which enables daytime loads to be supplied directly from the Solar Array which minimizes the draw on the battery system and gives more capacity for nighttime loads.

Hybrid Power Systems

​ The latest in solar development is the hybrid battery on grid systems and enables greater use of the solar energy. Systems can help combat grid reliability and quality issues, maximum demand issues and further reduce grid consumption. The system shown provides a dual battery cycle charging of the solar power during the day for use and night and also charging of the off peak rate an night for use early in the morning.

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Solar Pumping

Solar pumps can provide efficient water transfer in a variety of situations. Where it is impractical or too expensive to run the pump on mains power solar pumps can provide a reliable, zero emissions solution with no running cost. Our solar pumps can provide water over long distances and vertical heads, are simple in their design and extremely reliable and maintenance free. We will work with you to design a pump that will meet all your needs and provide a high quality installation and service.

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